Release – Resist by Heather C. Leigh

resist blog tour resistBlurbButtonAll Gavin Walker, bass player for the multi-platinum selling band, Sphere of Irony, wants to do is surf, play music, and occasionally get laid. The problem is that Gavin has a stalker. A potentially deadly one. The threats he receives always mention something about Gavin being gay, which isn’t public knowledge since the record label wants to keep it quiet.

Mitch Hale used to track serial killers for the FBI. A live-changing incident led him to quit the bureau and start his own company providing computerized security for Los Angeles’ wealthiest people. Mitch doesn’t know anyone when he moves across the country from D.C. to California, and all he has for companionship is a pathetic string of failed relationships with women.

When Gavin’s manager hires Mitch to find the stalker, the men instantly hate each other. Despite the constant fighting, attraction between the two blazes hot, confusing the former FBI agent. Spending time with Gavin forces Mitch reflect on what he’s denied about himself for the last ten years. Listening to Mitch’s plan to catch a madman thrusts Gavin’s personal life out in the open for the entire world to see.

Can Gavin and Mitch stop fighting long enough to stop a stalker before someone gets hurt? Or will they stubbornly resist the feelings that develop when they’re forced to work together?
This is book 3 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones.
resist teaser 4ExcerptButton(1)Before I can ask any more questions, there’s a knock and the door opens a crack. “Mr. Evans, Mr. Hale is here.”
“Send him in please, Donna.” Ross stands and adjusts his suit, straightening out the cuffs and fixing his expensive tie until it lays just so.
I rake a hand over my hair, but it’s pointless. I’m lucky I bothered to shower this morning after my company left. I’m sure I look like shit—with the lack of sleep and the constant stress I’m surprised I don’t look worse.

Good genes, I guess. I frown at the thought of my father.
I can hear Donna outside. “Go right on in.”

The door opens and a man enters. No, not just a man. A gorgeous man. Stunning, actually. For the second time in five minutes, my jaw hangs open.
The man is a study in opposites. His hair, swept back from his face and so dark it’s nearly black, is paired with bright slate grey eyes, a color I’ve never seen before. He looks rugged and dangerous, as if he could kill a man with his bare hands. Yet he’s wearing a tailored and expensive charcoal grey suit that showcases his body to perfection. He’s rough and he’s polished.

And I can’t stop staring.

“Mr. Hale, thank you so much for coming on such short notice.”
Ross has circled the table and is shaking the man’s hand.

“Call me Mitch, please.”
Jesus, even his voice is hot. Deep and silky, it’s as smooth as fine whiskey.

“This is Gavin Walker,” Ross introduces me, stepping aside.

It takes both of them staring at me and an uncomfortably long silence for me to realize I’m still gawking. Embarrassed, I snap my mouth shut.

“Sorry.” Jumping up from my chair, I extend a hand. “Gavin Walker. Thanks for coming.”

He clasps his hand around mine, large and hot and coarse, and pumps it firmly. “Mitch Hale, good to meet you. Wish it were under better circumstances.”

He smiles and I have the sudden urge to rub myself all over his beautiful, hard body. Heat spreads up from our joined hands, sending a flush of pleasure over my skin.

Mitch clears his throat and glances down where I’m still clutching his hand. Shit. I let go, flinching back in humiliation. I jam my hand into the pocket of my jeans, fingering the smooth, heart-shaped stone I keep there.

“Let’s sit.” Ross directs Mitch to the conference table. “Drink?”

Mitch holds up a hand. “I’m good.” I catch the slightest twitch in one of Mitch’s intriguing eyes.

“Okay. Here is the file we have so far.” Ross pushes a folder across the table.

Mitch opens it, scanning the contents. Waiting for him to read about the stalker that’s been harassing me is humiliating, yet it gives me a chance to study the man further. I should resist staring, but I can’t. He’s too gorgeous to ignore.

I flick my gaze over to Ross, who is busy returning emails on his laptop. Good. I don’t want Ross to catch me ogling the new guy. When my eyes land back on Mitch, I have to hold in a groan.

This guy is trying to kill me.

As he flips through the pages in the file—photos, descriptions, police reports—the end of his very wet, very pink tongue pokes out between his lips. Every once in a while, it sneaks back in so he can pull that lush red bottom lip between his teeth, biting on it in concentration.

Jesus. As subtly as I can, I shift on the chair to adjust the semi pressing against my pants.

More contradictions. That tongue, the biting of the lip, both so playful and innocent against the serious image he projects with the suit and the perfectly styled hair and the—I inhale deeply—hint of designer aftershave.

Suddenly, Mitch closes the folder and sits up, folding his hands on top of it. I jerk away, sitting back in my chair instead of leaning halfway over the table like a besotted teenage girl.

“This man is not to be taken lightly,” he cautions, his intelligent gaze traveling back and forth between Ross’ and mine.

Ross closes his laptop, giving Mitch his full attention. “We’re not taking it lightly. Gavin has security with him at all times since the…” Ross glances at me, “the incident in New York.”

“And before that?” Mitch asks. I stare at the hard line of his jaw then drop my eyes down to the curve of his throat where it disappears into the top of his crisp dress shirt. I pray that he doesn’t see the way my hands shake or the heat prickling my face as lust washes over me.

“Before that we weren’t documenting anything we received, just throwing them away. They were mostly letters, gifts…” Ross trails off.

“But no involvement by law enforcement?”

My eyes bounce back and forth between the two men.

Ross sighs. “Not until the New York incident.” When Mitch scowls, a look that makes him look even more dangerous and a hell of a lot sexier, Ross elaborates. “Do you know how many crazy fans are out there? Hell, Adam gets over a hundred bizarre gifts and letters a week. That’s just the strange ones. Plus, keeping this out of the media is important to the record label.”

Mitch nods. “I understand. I’m not judging. I’m just trying to get a feel for what I’ll be dealing with. That includes how long law enforcement has been checking into this guy.”

“Not long,” I whisper, surprised to hear myself speak. I’m used to being discussed as if I’m not in the room. It comes with the job—decisions made for you without your input.

Two sets of eyes focus on me and I feel my cheeks blaze hot. That intense grey stare has me squirming, and this time it’s not from embarrassment. Another rush of heat ripples down my spine. I run my hands through my hair to catch the beads of sweat that have popped up on my temples.

Mitch opens his mouth to say something then snaps it shut. He blinks a few times before speaking. “Tell me how this began, Gavin. What you’ve noticed personally.”

“Shit, how long do you have?” I scoff.

The corner of Mitch’s mouth quirks up. “I have time.” He puts two fingers into the collar of his shirt and tugs gently.

The subtle motion brings images of Mitch tearing off his clothes, sending another wave of sizzling need through me. Nodding, I take a sip of water to cool down the desire inspired by Mitch’s proximity.

Ross’ cell phone rings, startling me. I fumble with the glass, nearly spilling it.

“Damn. Sorry.”

This time, Mitch smiles. My eyes fixate on that mouth as his lips part to reveal two rows of perfect teeth.

“I have to take this,” Ross confesses. He glances over. “You okay to do this without me?”

No. I’m not okay. You’re going to leave me in a room with one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen while I’m a nervous, blundering wreck.

That’s what I’m thinking. What I say isn’t even close.

“Yeah. I’m good.”

Ross stares at Mitch. “I’ll be back to discuss the specifics of your contract.”

“No problem,” Mitch agrees. Leaning back in his chair, he crosses one ankle over his knee.


Now he’s given me a direct view of his crotch, hugged tight by those tailored grey slacks. There’s a lot to look at. Jesus. If what I’m seeing isn’t an illusion, he is hung. I don’t realize that I’m staring right at Mitch’s dick until his leg drops and he leans forward, elbows on his knees.

“It’s okay to be nervous.”

Blinking, I look up to see those deep gunmetal eyes waiting patiently for me to respond.

“Ummmm, I’m not nervous.”

I am, but not for the reasons you think.

Mitch puts his large hands back up on the table, his eye twitching again. “Do you mind if I get a drink?” He gestures towards the tray Donna set out.

“Not at all.”

“So,” he continues as he removes his jacket, hangs it over his chair, and circles the table. “Tell me about the letters.”

Mitch picks up a mug, turning his back to me to prepare his coffee. My mouth goes dry at the sight of his perfect, round ass showcased by the tight grey fabric that clings to every curve.


I can’t do this here with him. Alone. With that ass, those eyes, and the scent of whatever cologne he’s wearing. My brain won’t function properly while bombarded from all sides by filthy sexual fantasies starring Mitch.

“I-I forgot. I have somewhere to be.”

Jumping up, I catch a surprised expression on Mitch’s face right before I bolt out the door.
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Pre-Release – Capture by Rachel Van Dyken

Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it’s not normal or fair.

But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window.

Dani lives anything but a normal life.

Her sister is married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Her best friends are rockstar duo AD2.

And she has more love around her than most people experience in a lifetime.

But that doesn’t change the fact their parents are dead.

Or that it’s her fault.
It seems her new normal is being a mute, living on the inside, unable to actually communicate on the outside.

That is until Hollywood’s newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant for the summer.

He’s gorgeous, completely unavailable, and unobtainable.

But that doesn’t stop her from wondering…if things were different…would he want her?

If she was whole, would he be the other half?


“You kiss my wife and enjoy it, I remove your balls in your sleep.” Jaymeson said in a chipper voice as he slapped me on the back.
“Always great working with a real professional, Jaymeson, always great,” I muttered.
“Here’s a tip,” Jaymeson whispered in a low voice so Pris couldn’t hear us. “Get it done on the first take so I don’t have to cause an on-set accident where I set your trailer on fire and blame it on God smiting you for being a Hollywood heathen.”
“Heathen?” I repeated with a smirk. “Isn’t that the part I’m playing? I thought Demetri was hot for Nat, so doesn’t that mean I need to be hot for your wife? Your very…” I glanced at Pris. “…lovely wife?”
“Bastard. I should never have cast you!”
I burst out laughing. “Jay, you know I’m messing with you. I’m professional. That’s why you cast me, because in a sea of Hollywood heathens, I’m the only one who wouldn’t make a pass at your wife.”
He shrugged. “True. Also you may be passable in the whole looks department, or so I’ve been told by numerous people on set.”
“Hardly.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m Jamie Jaymeson. Women tattoo my name on their asses and ask me to sign their boobs.”
“You signed whose boobs?” Pris asked, sneaking up on our conversation.
“My grandma’s,” I blurted. “She’s such—” I wrapped an arm around Jaymeson and squeezed. “—a huge fan.”
“Right.” Jaymeson coughed. “It’s always such a thrill, signing elderly ladies tits. Hey, you think I should do a nursing home tour?”
“Yeah, man.” I nodded. “Dream big.”

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking
coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

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Blog Tour – Execution Style by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Execution Style
Series: Code-11 KPD SWAT #4
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 5, 2015
Miller Spurlock might seem like a laid back man on the outside, but piss him off, or violate his trust, and he’ll show you the meaning of pain.

He was a Navy SEAL. He could kill a man a hundred different ways and not break a sweat.

He’s also a police officer and member of the SWAT team, which means he has the knowledge and skills to get away with it.

Rage boils in his gut when he witnesses what happens to the beautiful Mercy Shepherd during a SWAT op from hell that even his worst nightmare couldn’t conjure up. And it surprises the hell out of him when she wants him, and him only, to comfort her in the aftermath.

Miller becomes the one shining beacon of light at the bottom of Mercy’s pit of despair.

The one man that could pull her through the rough days ahead and make her whole again.
And during her road back to herself, she realizes that she’s got the one thing she ever wanted in life…a hero to call her own.


Every time I read about another guy in the Swat team, I fall even harder in book love with the previous so god know what Im gonna be like by the time the series is finito.

Miller is OH HOLY HOT DAMN gorgeous. I am seriously in so much love with him and with how he was with Mercy.

The whole storyline was so emotional yet so thrilling at the same time and Lani sure does know how to write a sex scene.

This book should def be on your 1-cick list if not at the top of your TBR.

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.


Release – Sawyer by A.D Ellis

~*~*~*~*~*~ RELEASE DAY!! ~*~*~*~*~*~

It’s release day! A.D. Ellis is thrilled to share her newest contemporary romance in Torey Hope: The Later Years.

The reviews are in! Betas and ARC readers LOVED Sawyer!

(see reviews of Sawyer HERE on Goodreads!)

Grab it today at the special low preorder price before it goes up to regular $ (SOON!)

Here’s a snippet from one ARC reader:

Author A.D. Ellis weaves a magical tale of love, family, small towns and big dreams and it makes the reader instantly fall in love with it all.”


Sawyer Morgan has a secret. Revealing his true feelings to his family could bring devastation and destruction, so he keeps the burden firmly on his own shoulders. When he moves back to Torey Hope to help with the family business, Sawyer’s hidden truth becomes too much to bear.

Luke Hamilton has a past overflowing with emotional and physical scars. A promise to his dying mother prevents him from seeking the love and acceptance he longs for. Taking a job in Torey Hope brings Luke face-to-face with taboo desires he thought long extinguished.

Secrets, lies, hatred, and fear threaten to destroy their lives. But, love has the power to overcome and lay claim to victory.

Will Sawyer succeed in proving to Luke some connections are worth fighting for?

A poignant tale of two hearts valiantly fighting to stay true and find love.

**This is a male/male romance. It has adult themes, language, and situations. Readers sensitive to homosexual relationships, abuse, hate crimes, and derogatory terms should take note. This story is meant only for readers age 18+.**

Release – Keeley’s Fight by K.L Donn

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Keeley’s Fight (Book 1 in The Protector’s Series) by KL Donn
Cover Design: Tammie Smith
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BlurbButton  Heartache and betrayal are two things Keeley Stone is very familiar with. Born into a life she never wanted, betrayed by her own parents, she never saw a way out. Until one day, two men who know nothing of her or her life step up and protect her when she’s in need of a savior.

Loyalty and respect are not just something earned for brothers Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell, but a code they live by. A chance encounter with a gorgeous young woman has left them enthralled with her.

Can they convince her they’re worth fighting for? Or will she let demons of her past control her future?

Note: This is a stand alone HEA M/F/M contemporary romance novel. There is no touching for titillation between brothers.


  “I can see the wheels turning in that beautiful head of yours. Let us take you to breakfast or lunch, or maybe dinner? Your choice. Of course, we could always take you to all three. Yep, I think that one works best for us,” Tyler said to her with a wink at the end.
“Dammit Ty, you’re gonna overwhelm the poor girl. Back off,” Nathaniel told him with a frown, marring his beautiful brown eyes.
“Thank you for the kind offer but I can’t,” she declined and turned to put their order in for their meals.
“Why not?” asked Nathaniel as she was half way across the room. She stopped dead in her tracks, feeling the blush working its way up her face, which, of course, made her cheeks throb. Damn pale skin was all she could think as she turned around, and knew that not only could they see her embarrassment, but so could everyone else as they all waited for her to answer him.
She stood there for a full minute staring at them, until she heard him… “Because this ain’t no fucking dating service, that’s why,” Fred said as he walked up behind her and put his meaty arm around her shoulders, and cupped her tightly.
She could see the anger in Tyler and Nathaniel’s faces as they stared at where Fred’s hand was. They both stood up and Tyler shot a small smile her way, and that wink she was coming to love, before refocusing his attention on Fred. Nathaniel just looked pissed off and she knew she was about to get hurt again. That was all men did. Good God, was he freaking huge; bigger than she originally thought.  “Come here, Butterfly,” Nathaniel told her. She started to move, thinking whatever he was about to do would be better than having Fred’s stinky self glued to her the way he was. As she took her first step, Fred held onto her arm so tightly that she whimpered. Tyler and Nathaniel growled at that. Actually growled. Glaring daggers at Fred, Nathaniel walked closer, grabbed her hand so gently she thought she was dreaming, and gave one small tug so she practically flew into his chest. The strange thing for her was that the entire time, he made sure she was protected. When she hit his chest, he put one hand to the small of her back and one to the back of her neck. It was very proprietary. His large arms engulfed her, completely surrounding her. Strangely, she felt safe, and she found she really liked the way he was caressing the back of her neck with his thumb.
Turning her head with a small smile on her face, she saw Tyler looking at her with this big wolf-like grin on his, it gave her a moment of peace. She closed her eyes, just wanting to enjoy this feeling of safety that she had never felt before. She wanted to embrace it before it was gone.
“Don’t ever put your dirty fucking hands on our woman again. Are we clear? Don’t even look at her for that matter. If I ever find out that you have done anything to make Keeley uncomfortable or feel less than safe, I will come in here and personally kick your ass before having this place shut down. And then just for kicks, I’ll make you lick the dirt off my shoes. We clear?” Nathaniel said all of this to Fred with such menace in his voice that Keeley couldn’t help but start to shake in fear, and grip his shirt tighter. She had a hold of it just above his abs, and feeling him tighten his grip on her calmed her nerves just a little bit.
For the first time ever, she actually heard a note of fear creep into Fred’s voice when he said, “Ya man, ok. I didn’t know she was yours, she never said anything.”
That’s when Tyler got involved and admonished him. “You think that gives you the right to touch her or speak for her anytime you like?” She tried to burrow right into Nathaniel at that, because even though his voice held a note of steel in it, Tyler’s had such a fierce growl that she wanted to weep from the fear this confrontation was causing in her.
“Look guys, I’m sorry, ok. Keeley, I need you here now, but tomorrow night you can have off with pay, ok? Sound fair?” She simply nodded her head, because she just knew her voice would shake if she dared try to speak. Just then she heard the ding from the kitchen bell, signaling her other table’s orders were ready. Reluctantly she left the safety of Nathaniel’s arms, not looking at anyone for fear that they would see just how this encounter left her. Aroused from being so close to Nathaniel, and fearful that this would only make things worse with Fred and Eleanor.

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Release – Execution Style by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Execution Style
Series: Code-11 KPD SWAT #4
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 5, 2015
Miller Spurlock might seem like a laid back man on the outside, but piss him off, or violate his trust, and he’ll show you the meaning of pain.

He was a Navy SEAL. He could kill a man a hundred different ways and not break a sweat.

He’s also a police officer and member of the SWAT team, which means he has the knowledge and skills to get away with it.

Rage boils in his gut when he witnesses what happens to the beautiful Mercy Shepherd during a SWAT op from hell that even his worst nightmare couldn’t conjure up. And it surprises the hell out of him when she wants him, and him only, to comfort her in the aftermath.

Miller becomes the one shining beacon of light at the bottom of Mercy’s pit of despair.

The one man that could pull her through the rough days ahead and make her whole again.
And during her road back to herself, she realizes that she’s got the one thing she ever wanted in life…a hero to call her own.

I walked beside Viddy as we walked down the hallway from the plane’s exit.

My eyes were on Trance, who was, indeed, drunk. He was barely putting one foot in front of the other, and I honestly didn’t know how he was walking with the amount of alcohol he’d consumed.
He hadn’t looked that drunk when he’d been sitting; although, once he’d stood up that all had changed.
Miller, however, had been expecting it because he caught him before his knees even had a chance to buckle.
“What’s the deal here? Why does he hate to fly so much?” I asked, turning my gaze to Viddy.
Her mouth curled in the corner as she said, “I don’t think he has a ‘reason.’ 

More, I just think it’s a phobia of his. He says he’s had it since he was a teenager when 9-11 happened. I don’t blame him. That day affected us all. 

Some large, and some small. But still just as important.”
I nodded.
I could see how that’d scare him. Hell, I couldn’t say that it hadn’t crossed my mind as the plane started taking off.
We stayed silent as we walked down the hallway, and into the main part of the airport.
I could hear boots clunking behind me, and I looked over my shoulder to see Silas there.
Silas, I’d found out, was the president of the motorcycle club that Trance belonged to.
He was in his early fifties, from what I’d been told, but the man could totally pass for late thirties. I hadn’t realized he was the father of Sebastian. Another man I’d met only today.
Sebastian and Silas looked as if they could be brothers, instead of father and son.
Silas smiled at me when he caught my eyes on him, and gave me a wink.
“You ready to meet the parents?” He asked.
I blinked, then started getting nervous.
Of course, it’d occurred to me that I was meeting Miller’s parents…but I hadn’t thought about how important it was…this initial meeting. I wanted to make a good impression.
Which was why, when I saw the bathroom just before we got to the baggage claim where we were to be meeting, I darted inside and went straight towards a stall. Where I promptly started to hyperventilate.
I sat down and buried my face in my hands, leaning forward to try to circumvent the panic I could feel rising at an alarming rate.
What if they didn’t like me?
Would Miller think differently of me?
Hell, Miller didn’t feel anything for me. How could he?
He hadn’t made so much as an ass grab since I’d forced him to fuck me.
The door to the stall opened and I halted my sobs.
Silent tears tracked down my face as I waited for whomever was outside the stalls to finish the fuck up so I could resume my sob fest.
Except whomever it was didn’t just leave.
“What’s wrong?” Miller said from above me.
I screamed.
Like a little bitch.
“What the hell, Miller! What have I told you about boundaries?” I yelled, yanking my pants up and turning to glare up at him.
He started to grin unrepentantly at me before he saw the tears in my eyes, then he frowned.
“What’s wrong?” He demanded.

Then he literally jumped over the stall.
wasn’t sure how he did it, but one second he was on the other side, and the next he was gathering me into his arms.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said lamely.
He chuffed. “Get over it and tell me what the fuck is wrong.”
Always so elegant, my Miller.
“What if they don’t like me?” I whispered fiercely.
His eyes softened as he cupped my face. “They’ll like you, honey. You’ve already got my brothers wrapped around your finger. And we’ve got our parents wrapped around ours. Trust me, it’ll all be okay. I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t think they’d like you.”
I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his chest.
“Okay,” I sighed. “Let’s go.”
He took my hand, stopped for a squirt of the hand sanitizer dispenser, and pulled open the door to the bathroom.
I hadn’t even made it out three feet past the threshold when a barrel of energy hit me, gathering me up in her arms and pulling me into her.
“Oh,” the woman, who I guessed was Miller’s mother, said. “I’ve been waiting for you for thirty five years.”
I blinked. “Thirty five years?”
She nodded. “The moment I had Miller, I knew I was only ever going to have boys. But I knew that one day Miller would get married, and I’d have a daughter.”
“Hey, what about me?” Viddy teased from the chair beside Trance’s slumped form.
“I like her,” his mother whispered. “But you are exactly as I’d pictured my daughter in law to be.”
Then she turned around to Viddy. “No offense.”
She smiled. “None taken, Sloan. I know Miller’s your favorite.”
Sloan, Miller’s mother, nodded. “That’s true,” turning back to me. “He is my favorite.”
My jaw dropped. “You have a favorite child?”
She nodded. “He’s the only one that I got drugs with when I was birthing them. I don’t care what the heck you say. You don’t forget. You remember everything about the birthing experience, and those other two kids left me with scars. Horrible, ugly scars.”
My eyes widened and I turned my face up to Miller’s to see him smiling.
That smile was contagious, though.
It caught on my face, and when I turned back to Sloan I said, “I think I’m going to love you.”
She beamed. Positively beamed.

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.

Release Date: September 3, 2015

Release Date: October 7, 2015

Release Date: November 5, 2015


Release – An Act Of Redemption by KC Lynn

Title: An Act of Redemption (An Act of Honor #1)
Author: K.C. Lynn
Release Date: August 5, 2015
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She saw in him what no one else could see. 


He found in her what he could never find.
One moment changed everything but, even with a break in time, their connection could never be severed.
In the beginning he may have been her salvation, but in the end she will be his redemption.
This is Book One in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It’s told in dual POV, has an HEA with no cliffhanger and it can be read as a standalone. However, I highly recommend that you read the Men Of Honor series prior, as characters play recurring roles in both series.
Warning: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Other Work by K.C. Lynn

The Men of Honor Series

You will not break me for I am unbreakable. I will live with integrity, fight with honor and die for what’s right.
Precious lives were saved when three brave Navy SEALs went against orders, embarking on a rescue mission of their own. A mission that will never be forgotten and changed the course of their lives forever. While they will never regret their decision, it came with heavy consequence. 

 Now they must fight to protect the women they love while also battling the new and existing demons that torture their souls, from death, corruption, destruction and war. These men are strong, honorable and will do everything they can to overcome the past that continues to haunt them. 

These are their stories.

 Fighting Temptation~ Jaxson and Julia’s story.

Sweet Temptation~ Sawyer and Grace’s story.
Resisting Temptation~ Cade and Faith’s story.
The Final Temptation~ Cooper and Kayla’s novella.
Beautifully Insightful
Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon CA  |  B&N  | Kobo

Emily Michaels ~ Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you never fit in, or you weren’t good enough? This is how I have felt for as long as I can remember. I see the world differently than everyone else, I feel everything differently and I reflect on life differently. And being different in my world is not a good thing. I live in a place that’s divided between the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the unbeautiful, the prestigious and the mediocre. I have always belonged in the first category, because my father was the Governor of Georgia.

Growing up around people I could never relate with, my life had always been lonely, that was until my senior year when I met the one boy who would change my life forever. A boy who my parents would never approve of because he didn’t come from money or the same social class. He rode a motorcycle, had tattoos and was considered to be from the wrong side of the tracks. Yet he was still envied by many.

Ryder Jameson was someone who every guy feared, and one who every girl wanted to be touched by. He didn’t do attachments, or have friends… until me. And for the first time in my life I finally felt like I belonged. When I was with him, my different didn’t feel wrong or ugly. He made me feel beautiful- insightfully beautiful. Then one day my world came crashing down on me, and it would be six years before I’d once again see the boy I fell in love with.

Ryder Jameson ~ After working my ass off I am given the opportunity of a lifetime, and if I pull it off I will be the youngest FBI agent to run one of the biggest undercover operations in history. Only the case that gets thrown in front of me leads me back to the one place I swore I would never return to, and to the only girl who’s ever mattered to me.

Except Emily Michaels is not the same girl I left behind. She still looks the same, she’s still beautiful inside and out, but there’s one thing that’s very different about her, one very big thing, and it’s something I didn’t think was possible.
Ryder and I come from a world where politics separates us and wealth defines us, but even after all this time we will not let it divide us. Here is our story.

This is a standalone novel with an HEA and is told in dual POV. Due to mature subject mature, such a explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

About the Author
K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four amazing children: two lovely girls and a set of handsome twin boys. It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. When she is not in her writing cave, pounding out new characters and stories, she can be found living between the pages of a book, meeting new tattooed, hot alpha males with very big…Hearts.
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